Buddha And His Homeland Nepal, Illustrated: An Account Of Siddhartha Gaut'M, The Kirati Mongolian Prince, Who Became The Buddha.

  • Publish Date: 2013-12-08
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Mr GL Rai-Zimmdar
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Honestly speaking, this book is long overdue. A good reliable book on Siddhartha Gautm, who became the Buddha, should have been written and published alongside his sermons on Four Noble Truths. The void somehow got filled up during the colonial era which unfortunately is filled with inaccuracies no true believer should accept. Essentially this book therefore, deals with the following two subjects: The Buddha was a Kirati-Mongolian Prince and that he had turned the Wheel of Life among his own people. However, the Kirati Mongolian population had been replaced by Indo-Saracenic people after the original inhabitants moved away to South-East Asia in a Great Volkerwanderungen. Consequently, during the colonial period, this demographic layout prompted British scholars to arrive at the erroneous conclusion that the forebears of the modern day Indians were the original followers of the Buddha. This inaccurate inference led the British scholars to double jeopardy; they encouraged themselves to rely upon the brahminic elements for interpretation of Buddhism and its philosophy, who had ironically been the cause of the destruction of Buddhism in the first place. Although Colonial British scholars had ample opportunities to investigate and satisfy themselves that the genius of pre-brahminic Kirati-Mongolians had actually authored the extensive Buddhist literature discovered in Kathmandu by Brian Hodgson, they soon got wise to it that by ignoring the entire episode they would stand better chance of gaining lucrative advantage; after all making money was the primary aim of the Empire. So, here is the book you want to read.

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