Aquaponics For Profit: Earn Extra Money Or Create A Successful Commercial Business

  • Publish Date: 2017-08-10
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: David H Dudley
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What are the best methods for making money with aquaponics? Which edible aquaponic fish species will generate the most revenue per pound? Which aquaponic vegetables provide the highest profit margin? Which fish and vegetables are in highest demand by consumers? Do you know about all of the non-vegetable plants that can provide you with greater revenue than vegetable plants? What costs are involved in setting-up and operating an aquaponic system? What is the cost-benefit analysis of an aquaponic system? Where and how can I sell my aquaponic harvest? What regulations and legalities are involved in setting-up and operating an aquaponic business? Did you know that there are other aquatic species that can be grown in aquaponics which can generate more revenue than the commonly grown edible aquaponic fish species? What is the best way to barter my aquaponic harvest? How can I get my products officially labeled as organic? What is the best approach to having a successful aquaponics business that will produce the largest profit margin? How can I earn extra money with my small backyard aquaponic system? Which type of aquaponic system Media-Bed/Flood-and-Drain, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Raft System / Deep Water Culture (DWC) is the most profitable? What are the pros and cons to each of these types of aquaponic systems? In addition to selling your harvest, are you aware of all the other ways in which you can earn revenue from your aquaponic system? How much time would I need to invest to have an aquaponic system that will feed my family and provide us with some extra income? This user-friendly easy to read book will answer the above a questions. This valuable resources is also packed with the necessary information that will not only show you how to make extra money with your aquaponic system, but to grow it into a successful commercial business; if that is your desire. Also included are two real-world aquaponic business plans. This book is an excellent investment that will reward you greatly with the knowledge needed to earn extra money through aquaponics or optimize revenue from a commercial aquaponic operation.

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