Holy Bible Aionian Edition: Punjabi Bible - New Testament (Punjabi Edition)

  • Publish Date: 2018-11-15
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Inc. Nainoia
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Holy Bible Aionian Edition: Holy Bible Aionian Edition: Punjabi Bible - New Testament
Source: Bridge Connectivity Solutions
Language: Panjabi, Eastern

The Holy Bible Aionian Edition is the world's first Bible un-translation!
Free at AionianBible.org and Google Playstore!

What is an un-translation? Bibles are translated into each of our languages from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek. Occasionally, the best word translation cannot be found and these words are transliterated letter by letter. Four well-known transliterations are Christ, baptism, angel, and apostle. The meaning is then preserved more accurately through context and a lexicon. The Aionian Bible un-translates and instead transliterates ten additional Aionian Glossary words to help us better understand God's love for individuals and all mankind, and the nature of after-life destinies.

The key Greek word un-translated in the Aionian Bible is aionios, typically translated as eternal and also world or age. However, aionios means something much more wonderful than eternal! Ancient Greeks used the adjective aionios to mean entirety, complete, and even consummate, but never infinite time. Read Dr. Keizer, and Ramelli and Konstan for proofs. So aionios is the perfect description of God's Word which has everything we need for life and godliness! And the aionios life promised in John 3:16 is not a simple ticket to eternal life in the future, but the invitation through faith to a consummate life now! Visit AionianBible.org/Preface for further explanation.

The un-translation helps us to see aionios and the additional Aionian Glossary words in context. The original translation is not changed at all and an inline note is appended to sixty-three Old Testament and two hundred three New Testament verses. Also to facilitate parallel study and use of Strong's Concordance, apocryphal text is removed and most variant verse numbering is mapped to the English standard. The Aionian Bible republishes public domain Bible texts. We thank our sources at ebible.org, unbound.biola.edu, and dbs.org. The Holy Bible Aionian Edition is copyrighted with the Creative Commons No Derivative Works license allowing 100% freedom to copy and print, but further editorial and translation work must begin with the sources.

Why purple? King Jesus' word is royal, and purple is the color of royalty!

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